SOLUTION: Windows 8.1 Disk Bandwidth Pegged at 100%
This is my site Written by rower on May 10, 2015 – 9:51 pm

by Robin Rowe

HOLLYWOOD, CA ( 2015/5/10 – Your disk drive is going nuts, the fan is howling, everything is moving slowing, yet you’re not doing anything. What’s going on with Windows? Is it gremlins? Hackers?

If Windows Module Installer is at the top of your Task Manager process list for disk or RAM, it’s because Windows has decided now is a great┬átime to do housekeeping and install Microsoft’s latest updates.

Turning off automatic Windows Update

  1. Open service panel: WindowsKey+R, run services.msc
  2. Set Windows Module Installer to Manual
  3. Set Windows Update to Manual
  4. Open control panel: WindowsKey+X, search Windows Update
  5. In Windows Update, Settings: Set to Manual

That’s it. You’re free of Windows churn. Don’t forget you need to check for Windows updates manually when you want any. And, remember that you may have to repeat these steps after installing anything, that Windows may reset itself to Automatic without asking.


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