Creating an iTunes Podcast
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Do it yourself in iTunes without driving yourself crazy

By Robin Rowe

HOLLYWOOD, CA ( 11/7/2011 – Creating your own iTunes podcasts may seem hard when you read the Apple iTunes directions, but it’s easier than it seems.

First, create an MP3 of your podcast. There are many hosting services for podcasts that will automate everything. However, we want to host from our own server because we’ve already got the bandwidth. Upload your podcasts to a convenient location, such as Next, the slightly tricky bit…

Creating Your iTunes RSS Feed

Use the Redevelopments Podcast XML Creator,. Enter the information for your podcast in the form then copy the XML code created into a text editor. Upload your XML file to your website at You can view a sample XML file that was created with the podcast XML creator. You can even link to it in iTunes to test it.

Making Your Podcast Official on iTunes

  1. Launch iTunes.
  2. In the left navigation column, click on iTunes Store to open the store.
  3. Once the store loads, click on Podcasts along the top navigation bar to go to the Podcasts page.
  4. In the right column of the Podcasts page, click on the Submit a Podcast link.
  5. Follow the instructions on the Submit a Podcast page.

To get your Podcast published to a wider audience there’s the free Podcast submission service at

More on Redevelopments How to Podcast and Podbean Podcast in iTunes.



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