Editing Podcasts in Final Cut
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ProTools is more powerful, but Final Cut may be faster when editing podcasts

By Robin Rowe

HOLLYWOOD, CA ( 10/24/2011 – A quick way to edit a podcast is to drag the tracks into a Final Cut project. Here’s how.

  1. Create a Final Cut project. The picture type doesn’t matter. Pick HDV.
  2. Convert tracks to aif format if not already. Do not import wav or mp3 tracks. You may see odd intermittent errors, such as not being able to render waveforms in timeline. Use Quicktime Pro or FFMPEG to convert.
  3. Arrange the tracks in order of how busy each one is. Have the show host be the first track. Guest is track two. Music at the bottom.
  4. Set overall levels. You can set overall levels easily now. Not easy later after tracks are cut up. You can only add 6db in Final Cut. If you need more amplitude it’s better to bump it up in Audacity than to use the trick of wrapping it in a Final Cut sequence and bumping it twice in Final Cut by embedding a sequence in a sequence, although that trick can work in a pinch.
  5. Use the razor tool in Final Cut to chop up the tracks. If the tracks are exported from Pro Tools then all the levels are gone and will need to be adjusted. Any place a track would be clipped, razor it out. We could do this all with levels and the pen tool in Final Cut, but that takes do long. Do adjust the overall level by dragging the audio line in the timeline if a clip needs it.
  6. Export the sequence to aif 16-bit.
  7. Open aif in Audacity. Fix any thumps you see in the waveform and make any final adjustments to amplitude.
  8. Export as mp3. Put podcasts in separate podcast folder to signal that it’s completed. You’ll need to have the lame mp3 plug-in installed to do this. If you login as a different user on the Mac then Audacity will have to be told again where you’ve placed the lame plug-in.
  9. Use CyberDuck to sftp the mp3 to the server.
  10. You can also upload to Podbean.
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